3 Day Scotch Tour of Scotland

There are a number of different ways to experience Scotland’s beautiful rural culture and landscape; and one of those experiences is by taking a whiskey tour in Scotchland. Distillery country is a world heritage site full of beautiful kilns, narrow lanes, traditional Scottish architecture and fascinating history. It is also host to many annual festivals, conferences and events which make it a popular venue for corporate and entertainment activities.


The main highlight of any of the Scotch whisky trails in Scotland is the spectacular scenery. The three main distilleries make up the malt whiskey trail in Scotland’s historic Speyside. Seven of the distilleries are operational and producing whiskey, while the only remaining distillery, the Dallas Dhu whiskey distillery, is a historic landmark. The other distilleries include Kinlip MacLennan, Balvenir and Duffe, each with their own distinctive style of whiskey making. Each distillery has its own name brand, unique casks and a variety of different styles of whiskey, including rye, bourbon and Single Malt.


For tourists looking for a more relaxed style of touring, then a day trip out to the west side of Scotland would be the perfect option. The west side of the island features some magnificent scenery which is popular for walking tours. Some of the popular places to explore are the Fyne Valley and Craigellachie National Park. When you visit the Fyne Valley, be sure to visit the famous horse park at Stratchclyde. The water on this waterway is clear and clean, and you can take a ride on the horses if you would like.


For visitors interested in experiencing the true history of Scotland, a three day Scotch tour of Scotland would be the perfect way to get there. Take an early morning train from Inverness to Fort William, and then take a short tram ride up to Dalaran. Here you will be able to visit Hell’s Gate and the Lichtenstein Castle, as well as other key points of historic interest.


If you are looking to explore more of Scotland’s West Coast, then a three day stay at a bed and breakfast in Lexington would be perfect for your trip. Located right at the base of the Ben Nevis mountain, this idyllic place is only 60 minutes from central Scotland. While here you will be able to try some of the finest whiskey and Scottish cuisine, and enjoy the peaceful and stunning surroundings of this wonderful town. You can wake up to a view of the Loch Ness and the Firth of Clyde and then continue along to the award winning town of Lexington.


While on your journey, don’t miss out on a trip to Perth and Kinross. The town is named after the famous Perth and Kinross distilling tours that have long been popular with tourists. This historic area is known for its high quality of food and wine, and the distilling history dates back to the eighteenth century. Today, visitors come to Perth and Kinross to experience all that this beautiful area has to offer. A short drive from the city, the visitor will find a variety of restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and pubs.

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