4 Destinations to Enjoy Wildlife in Action


Imagine spending your next luxury safari holiday tracking polar bears through the Arctic tundra, watching colourful wild birds do their mating dance in the dense forests of Sri Lanka, and swimming with majestic sea lions in the Sea of Cortez. Our world is full of amazing wildlife that never fails feels to leave us stunned at the sheer beauty and magnificence of it all.

If you’re an animal lover, you would want to spend your luxury adventure holidays being at one with nature and exploring wildlife in its natural habitat. Numerous travel companies, like SevenTravel, now offer tailored luxury holiday experiences for you to make the most of your time off. Here are some of the best destinations to include in your itinerary to enjoy wildlife in action.

The Best Destinations to Enjoy Wildlife in Action

  1. National parks in Sri Lanka 

Let’s start with the tropical hideaways and lush plantations of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka packs a tonne when enjoying wildlife and nature despite its small geographical area.  It has a network of gorgeous national parks and wildlife reserves that focus on protecting various animal species.

You can start your visit with a trip to the beautiful Yala National Park, which has an incredible leopard population, and many other animals like sloth bear that appear during peak summer months. Yala National Park is the perfect spot for a luxury safari holiday. It offers you a chance to stay in Chena Huts, which are luxurious retreats overlooking the beach.

Your next stop should be Udawale National Park, which is home to some of the largest elephant herds in the country. After this visit, turn your attention to the water for a chance to experience whale and dolphin sightings. If you visit Sri Lanka at the start of the year, you might even encounter the majestic blue whale.

  1. Tiger safari in India

Very few things are magnificent as a 300 kg Bengal tiger hiding in sky-high wooden trunks, stalking its prey and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. A tiger safari in India lets you experience the thrill of the hunt up close as you explore the Bandhavgarh and Corbett National Parks. These parks are known for their tiger populations and have made significant efforts in tiger conservation.

You can also check out Ranthambore National Park, which used to be a favourite hunting destination of the Maharajas of Jaipur. As you explore the park, you will not only spot beautiful, sleek striped tigers, leopards, and sloth bears but also get a chance to check out some breathtaking temple ruins. The best place to stay during your tiger safari in India is the Oberoi Vanyavilas, which is an ultra-luxe hotel that will upgrade your luxury adventure holiday to a whole new level.

  1. Dramatic glaciers of Alaska

Are you going on a luxury group travel trip and wish to explore colder regions? It can be quite an experience to see how the wildlife in these colder areas has adapted to its living conditions in some truly unique ways. The best place to start is Alaska, as it offers you a chance to experience the tundra wildlife without numerous days of travelling.

Alaska is the ideal destination for enjoying wildlife amidst its misty fjords and age-old forests. A glance up into the sky offers you stunning views of bald eagles swooping low to catch their prey. When you focus on the water, you can see hundreds of playful seals and beautiful sea lions lounging on glaciers. You might even spot some black and brown bears among the rocky areas.

  1. The African Savannah

Do you love watching big cats lazily spread out in the African savannah on Animal Planet? Well, SevenTravel now offers you the chance to see them up close on an exciting luxury group travel trip to the plains of Africa. 

Africa is known for its amazing wildlife with different species of wild cats, elephants, and buffalos. Lions, Leopards, Black Rhinos, Bush Elephants, and African Buffalos are some of the most magnificent animals found in Africa. These animal species have been considered some of the most treasured land mammals, and there have been endless efforts made to protect their populations.  

When you travel to Africa, you get a chance to see its enigmatic wildlife in their natural habitat on a thrilling African safari. You can also witness the Great Migration at Serengeti National park in Tanzania, as the zebras and wildebeests begin to congregate at the Grumeti River in August, and check out the Masai Mara for some splendid game viewing. 

Africa also offers stunning waterfalls in Zambia, Mars-like landscapes in Namibia, and exotic food in Cape Town.

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