5 Things to do In Scotland over the Christmas and New Year Period

Without doubt Scotland is high on many peoples list as somewhere to visit. From historic cities, the remoteness of the highlands, mystique of the lochs, and of course its famous malt whiskeys Scotland truly has something for everyone. So, we thought we would have a look at some different things you can do in Scotland over the festive period.

Some people just head to Edinburgh and enjoy the pleasures of the city without taking the time to explore the surrounding countryside, so why not take advantage of affordable car hire at Edinburgh airport and turn your Christmas break into an unforgettable adventure. To help you, we have highlighted five things you can do in Scotland at Christmas to make your break unforgettable.

Take a Husky Sleigh Ride in the Highlands

One of the biggest attractions of Scotland is its beautiful scenery and what better way to experience the highlands than by taking a sleigh ride. However, this is a sleigh ride with a difference as your sleigh will be pulled not by Reindeers but by Huskies. In Scotland there are a number of Husky centres where you can not only go for a sleigh ride but also meet the dogs. Dog lovers can take this one step further by spending a day helping train the dogs.

Why not Pay a Visit to Santa and his Reindeers

Contrary to popular opinion Reindeers are not only found in the arctic circle. By visiting the Cairngorm national park, you can see these elegant creatures in their natural habitat. At Cairngorm Reindeer Centre there are about 150 reindeers roaming free. The children can also meet Santa and you are also in the vicinity of the Highland Wildlife Park where Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes and Snow Leopards can be found.

Participate in a wide variety of Snow sports available

For people of an adventurous nature there are lots of different snow sports and activities available to you. Scotland is home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding venues in Europe. Whether you are an expert skier or a complete novice there are a number of resorts available to you to hone your skills or just have some fun.

Visit the Irn-Bru Carnival in Glasgow 

The Irn Bru Festival in Glasgow holds pride of place as Europe’s largest indoor funfair, and a fun filled environment for both adults and children alike. An ideal place to spend the day in inclement weather, the Irn Bru Festival has something for all ages. The carnival consists of children’s fairground rides, thrills, games, stalls, an inflatable play area and giant slides. There are also numerous food outlets offering an array of delicacies and drinks.

Enjoy the New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Scotland is probably the best place in the UK when it comes to new year celebrations and nowhere does it better than Edinburgh. So, after the exertions of all your other activities why not relax and enjoy the Hogmanay celebrations in the capital city. Edinburgh’s celebrations begin with a torchlight procession from the Castle to the Royal mile. This is followed by the legendary street party that consists of outdoor bars and live music culminating in a spectacular firework display at midnight to welcome in the new year.

The activities listed above are just a fraction of the things you can do in Scotland over the festive period, so why not choose Scotland for your winter break? You are sure to make this a Christmas to remember!

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