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I’ve always had a love for travel, ever since I was a child

Joy Engine is the travel blog or guide of Mary Parker (me!), and my husband Jake. Most of the writing and articles are done by me, Jake just likes to tag along and look good in the photos! So who are we? We’re 30 somethings who got sick of the rat race.

I had a career in sales and grew so disillusioned with life that I just wanted to up and leave, Jake has his own online e-commerce business which meant we could actually give it a try so one morning we decided to see if travelling the world for a living would work and to see if we could include doing some voluntary work along the way. That was just over three years ago and we’re still going strong!

They say travel broadens the horizons, I couldn’t agree more with the statement. I think it enriches you as a person, allows you to see different cultures from your own perspectives and not what stereotypes and the media dictates and educates you more. I would advise anyone considering it or who feels they’re stuck in a rut to pluck up the courage, plan out an itinerary and just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen?!

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What advice would we give anything ready to take the next step? Firstly, have a plan. You’re going to be doomed to fail if you just up and leave without considering your travel routes, the customs and culture of the countries you will be visiting and more importantly how you will finance your journey. There’s plenty ways you can do that depending where you go – travel guide, bar and restaurant work, rep work for businesses and tours are always easy enough to come by.

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