Best Places To Book a Danube River Cruise in 2021

Rising in Germany’s black forest, the Danube River flows along the borders of about 11 countries. It flows through historical destinations, bringing sightseers intimately close to several famed European cities. A cruise along the Danube River is an opportunity to cruise through iconic destinations like Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Munich.

Sightseers can feel the varying cultures, landscapes, and skylines as they cruise through different cities with different cultures and histories.  But that’s not all. It offers an opportunity to get up-close with fairytale-Esque castles, famous old-country villages, and even medieval era fortresses.

The Danube river route is incredibly rich in history and is said to have become a tourist destination as early as the 19th century.

As the world gradually emerges from the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Danube river cruise can offer visitors a fresh start and a new lease of life.

The cruise through Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and so forth is exhilarating and should be the perfect relaxing experience to enjoy with friends, lovers, or family members.

Below are some great places to book a Danube river cruise in 2021:

From The Black Sea to the Blue Danube – Tulcea to Linz

This has to be one of the finest Danube river cruises, taking you from Tulcea to Linz. If you choose this cruise route, you’ll be cruising from Romania to Austria via the Blue Danube. Nothing beats exploring the enchanting cities of Central Europe aboard your preferred cruise ship. There’s a lot to see; Beautiful sceneries, amazing Romanian landscapes and so much more.

Passau to Budapest

Typically taking six days to cruise through, an exhilarating experience awaits sightseers on the Passau to Budapest route. Tourists get to cruise across four different countries and are presented with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the best of what Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia have to offer.

Budapest To Vilshofen

This cruise route is littered with vibrant cities, antique buildings, towering cathedrals, and picturesque villages, amongst several cultural elements. Tourists get to experience the magnificence of Bratislava, Budapest, and Vienna as their timeless architecture gives thrills that surface your deepest feelings. The highlights of this cruise include walking tours, bike rides, and exploring locations that hold so much history, like the secret labyrinth of caves and caverns under Budapest.

Grand European Tour

Tourists who want to have it all can go for a grand European tour — a 15-day tour from Amsterdam to Budapest across the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers. It provides tour lovers the opportunity to immerse themselves in timeless architecture throughout the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and several others. You also get to sample food and wine from various countries and explore enchanting castles and historical monuments.

Beautiful scenery is not the only thing a Danube river cruise can offer. In the cities that punctuate the shores of the large stretch of the Danube river, visitors can get an opportunity to try out some fantastic food. Most communities along the Danube river have a rich culinary history, something visitors will find exciting. A Cruise along the Danube river is sure to leave you with lifelong impressions.



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