Is it worth spending on a car accident lawyer in Toledo?

Let’s start by stating one fact – It is not legally necessary to hire an attorney to file a car accident claim in Ohio. Can you win a settlement without an attorney? Possibly. Should you spend on an attorney? Yes, you should. Personal injury law is intrinsically complex. People often don’t realize that until they are facing a legal issue. When it comes to claims related to car accidents in Toledo, claimants have to eventually deal with insurance companies, and that won’t be an easy journey. In this post, we are sharing more on why you need to lawyer up. 

When you don’t need a lawyer

If you have suffered minor bruises and cuts in a car accident with no serious losses, you can probably manage to get a decent settlement for your case. The typical threshold is $10,000. This means that if your losses exceed that amount, get a lawyer. 

When you definitely need a lawyer

  1. When you are at fault
  2. When you have sustained life-changing injuries
  3. When you are likely to require a long time to recover
  4. When you are unsure of your claim
  5. When there were many vehicles involved

Ohio’s state laws are such that you cannot recover anything from the other at-fault driver if you are 50% or more to blame. Also, accidents that involve commercial trucks or more than two vehicles are inherently complex and harder to investigate. 

There is no upfront fee

When it comes to hiring car accident lawyers in the state, you don’t have to pay an immediate fee. In a way, the cost of lawyering up shouldn’t be your immediate concern. Personal injury law firms offer a free case assessment, and you don’t have to give a fee for the first meeting either. If the lawyer wins the case, they get a part of the settlement as initially discussed. The contingency fee for car accident lawyers may vary but doesn’t go beyond 40%. 

Hiring a lawyer to file a car accident claim is probably the best step you can take. Lawyers know what it takes to work with claims adjusters, and a good attorney will push for a higher settlement. If that requires filing a lawsuit in Ohio’s civil court system, they will do that too. You can take time off to recover and heal as your car accident lawyer takes care of everything else. Call an attorney now! 

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