Texas divorce: 5 Tips to simplify the process

No matter the circumstances, ending a marriage is always a hard decision. If you have minor kids, you may have to contemplate your decision for a much longer time. When there is no room for reconciliation, divorce is the eventual outcome for any couple. Texas allows for no-fault divorces. If you and your spouse have the same decision, you can finalize the process sooner and get your divorce decree in as little as 60 days (the cooling-off period in Texas is 60 days). However, things are rarely that simple. In this post, we are sharing more on how to get through your divorce – the easy way. 

  1. Get an attorney. Although not mandatory, hiring a divorce lawyer in Houston can help you immensely. Local lawyers know the courts and know the various situations that may crop up during the process. Your lawyer is also your best resource for advice and counsel. They can work in your interest and ensure that you don’t settle for less. 
  2. Be honest with your lawyer. People have their reservations about talking to divorce lawyers. After all, it often means sharing personal and financial details, which are very intimate aspects of life. However, if you want an attorney to help, you have to be honest about everything. For instance, if you were accused of adultery, let the attorney know about what happened. They will negotiate and plan the strategy accordingly. 
  3. Be open to communication. An ugly legal battle with your spouse will not lead to anything. Yes, there are key issues in divorces that need attention, but there is nothing that cannot be resolved through mediation. Keep the communication lines open so that there is room to discuss things further. Let your divorce lawyer take over if you don’t want to talk to your spouse directly. 
  4. Don’t involve the kids. Never forget the “best interests” of your child. You may want custody of your kids, but don’t let them believe in the wrong things. Do not provoke your child against the other parent and keep them out of harm’s way. Do not unload your frustrations on the child. 
  5. Consider therapy. Therapy has nothing to do with the divorce process, but it could be key to making important decisions with a calm approach. Do not take divorce-related decisions in haste. 

Also, ensure that you update your attorney about every aspect or detail that can impact the divorce. 

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