Who Should Be Held Liable In Case Of A Truck Accident?

A truck accident is often complex and tricky. Not only does it cause severe damage to the victims, but it could also further complicate the legal procedure and factors associated with liability. In cases where the victim does not know much about the legal process and liability of the truck accident, an optimal solution would be to contact an atlanta trucking accident attorney.

Before any legal procedure is initiated, the police or other lawful authority would try to determine the fault of the truck accident. Several factors would be considered to assign responsibility. However, it would be in your best interest to know who should be held liable in case of a truck accident. Neglecting such factors could only cause potential harm to your case. 

  1. Trucker’s employer

The truck driver’s employer or the trucking company would be held liable for the accident in many cases. When a truck accident occurs, and the causes behind it are not associated with the truck driver or other entities on the road, it would be likely that the employer would be held liable for the accident. In such cases, the truck driver takes the necessary precautions. However, the low maintenance of the truck from the employer often results in a crash or collision. In a nutshell, the truck driver would be held liable for the accident when they fail to perform their actions and responsibilities for the truck’s safety. 

  1. Manufacturer

Some truck accident cases witnessed the manufacturer’s fault. It could be possible that an accident would occur due to a manufacturing error in the truck or its part. For instance, if the braking pads of the truck fail to stop the truck after a distance, it would be likely that the manufacturer of the equipment would be held liable. In such complex cases, the victim must contact a truck accident attorney in Atlanta to ensure they get compensated for the damages. The instances where the manufacturer would be held liable could be many. One key point to note is the equipment’s fault or a part that caused the inability to function. 

  1. Local contractors

The road or the highway is the most critical aspect in any truck accident case. Potholes or rough road conditions are most likely to lead a truck and other cars into accidents. Local contractors responsible for the maintenance of the roads would be held accountable for the truck accident when the fault is associated with the faulty road. 

When roads and highways are not maintained frequently within a period, most vehicles would likely trip over potholes or experience delay when braking. Such uncertainties and failed attempts at driving safely often end with a horrifying truck accident. 

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